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How Can I Make Your Day Remarkable?

Recently I called my credit card company and was greeted with a cheery, “How can I make your day remarkable?”   It made me laugh, and I went on to tell her exactly how she could do that.

The phrase stayed with me.  I wrote it in big letters on my computer and taped it to the door of my office.  I shared the story with others.  I was genuinely struck by the thought…..

What if we really DID try to make other people’s time with us “remarkable”?

According to Webster: “worthy of notice; extraordinary”.  Wow!  Whose day do I want to make remarkable?  Students?  The principal?  The janitor?  The cafeteria workers?  In what way might I do that?  What does it look like?  Often a simple thank you for what they do will suffice.

Sometimes a person’s day can be brightened just by knowing that someone sees him/her.  Noticing something they’re doing, engaging in conversation with them, just taking a moment out of your day to brighten someone else’s.  What a noble goal.

In order to do this, we need to be intentional about it.  Determine each day to seek out at least one person – in a store, on your walk, at your work, even via email – to interact with and make their day “remarkable”.

Does it excite you to give it a try?


I’m an educational consultant for teachers, administrators, and parents with 40+ years experience in the classroom as a teacher and decades of experience training teachers. I help teachers do what they do better. I help administrators retain the best teachers. And I help parents understand their children and their individual educational needs.

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