Work with Me

  • “More fun than a day off”, this 16 hour Phonics workshop educates and entertains teachers  with the little known nuances of our English language. You’ll go back to school with loads of ideas, songs and strategies to teach phonics in a light-hearted way that sticks.
  • Professional development aimed to retain your best teachers and keep them happy. Based on the needs of your district or site.
  • EL support and education: ELs have needs beyond learning to read and write. Many times we need to be sensitive to cultural differences, trauma, and other experiences that are outside of our usual approach to educational challenges.
  • Irlen awareness and basic training. Did you know that many children with “reading disabilities” actually benefit from an inexpensive screening to address a problem that could be affecting the environment of the child?
  • Teacher evaluations: Invite an unbiased expert into your school to perform teacher evals.  16 years experience supervising and developing student teachers at the university level and 30 years in the classroom teaching various grade levels.
  • Are you sick of the same old strategies? Learn classic techniques and state-of-the-art, research-based strategies to support students and teachers in classrooms.
  • Do you live in another country?  No problem.  Extensive travel overseas working with international schools and teachers, and learning other cultures.
  • Get the students outside of the classroom with service learning!  Workshop on developing ideas for how to give your students opportunities for authentic learning and becoming a more involved citizen at the same time
  • Do you have teachers who still need to pass the RICA?  RICA prep workshop covering the basics of how to pass this test